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Posted 1 year ago

Moo cow!!!! #cuyahogacountyfair #ohio (at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds)

Posted 1 year ago

I milked a cow!!!! #milkingacow #cuyahogacountyfair #ohio (at Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds)

Posted 1 year ago

Fireworks!!!!!! #fireworks #cuyahogacountyfair #ohio

Posted 1 year ago

Brr it’s cold outside #legwarmers #cold #winter2012 #ohio

Posted 1 year ago

Anyone in the Ohio area (or anyone who is willing to travel) NEEDS to come to this show.. and NOT just for Saliva =)!!!

Check out all the other bands.. they are AMAZING!!!!!

Posted 2 years ago

Life Souvenirs Photography!!! Akron, Ohio

Do you need family pictures taken? Engagement pictures? Wedding Pictures? Pictures just because? Do you happen to live in the Akron, Ohio area? 

My best friend and I started our own photography business. We are trying to get it off the ground and started so we are offering a few promo sessions so we have recent work in our “portfolio”. 

Contact us via our facebook page:

And we can try to get you scheduled as soon as possible!! 

Posted 2 years ago

Sleeping with Siren fans in OHIO

I AM IN NEED OF A SHOW BUDDIE!!! I want to see Sleeping With Sirens SOOOO BAD on the 7th of November!!! But as of now have no show buddie….

who in tumblrland wants to go with me!?!? Tickets are about $27 (give or take a few)….

Pwease oh pwease?!!

Posted 2 years ago

Helix Reign: Music Stream!!!

Been waiting for a studio recorded sound compared to a live version.. well here ya go!!! 

They have officially released “Faker” on their reverb page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out and pass it along!! You will NOT be disappointed!!! =) 

Posted 2 years ago

Concert date?

Pierce The Veil/Sleeping With Sirens/Hands Like Houses

November 7th, 2012

House Of Blues-Cleveland, Ohio

Tickets $25.50 (After fee’s)

I would love whoever went with me forever!!!! 

Posted 2 years ago

Updated tweets =)