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Posted 1 year ago


Another Ohio band signed!!! =) 

Congrats guys!! Well deserved!!

Just one more needs signed in my book!!


Posted 1 year ago

Anyone in the Ohio area (or anyone who is willing to travel) NEEDS to come to this show.. and NOT just for Saliva =)!!!

Check out all the other bands.. they are AMAZING!!!!!

Posted 2 years ago

Helix Reign: Music Stream!!!

Been waiting for a studio recorded sound compared to a live version.. well here ya go!!! 

They have officially released “Faker” on their reverb page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check it out and pass it along!! You will NOT be disappointed!!! =) 

Posted 2 years ago

Icon For Hire-Make A Move

Awesome band.. so glad I finally got to see them… and that my friends band was on their bill =)!!!

Posted 2 years ago

Helix Reign-July 20, 2012

Posted 2 years ago

Helix Reign Rockapalooza

Here is the whole set….

I think the videos might be out of order… sorry for that but still there ya go

Posted 2 years ago


My alarm clock was set for 845am….woke up earlier than that and already got showered =)

Going to get ready (dressed, makeup etc) and then head out to besties house and wait for miss caitlin =)

then heading out =) I think the only thing that needs done BEFORE we hit the expressway is check air in the tires… that takes all of 5 secs =) so yay =)!!!

I ghetto fixed my camera so no more breaking my thumb while holding the battery in lol =) 

Memory card is empty….just gotta get my “electronics” bag ready lol (computer, chargers etc)

Whoah lets do this =)!!!!

See you all in Michigan =)

Posted 2 years ago

April 14, 2012!!

What an experiance!!!! 

Helix Reign was great!! Deciding Fate was great!! Wixor didn’t really see much of them but they were good… Mushroomhead…SCARY!!!

I was officially scared!!! I had beer spilled on me (well that was during Helix Reign’s set but still) but during mushroomhead…. someone was kicked or punched in the face…. blood was gushing and was all over the floor…. one of the members came into the crowd and I was texting my mom and all of a sudden i see/feel fingers all on my phone.. I was like dude REALLY!!  gah!! 

Interesting to say the least….. I guess that’s just not my scene.. love going to shows but those kind are not my thing at all….. 

Posted 2 years ago


Working 11am till 3pm!!

Picking up my best friend at 4:30pm from work!!!

Walking the mall for a bit then picking up miss Megan from work at 6:20pm or so!!!

Heading out to the Mushroomhead show…. where Helix Reign is opening!!! 

What a long day that is about to be had!!! 

A fun day none the less… I am so glad I do not work Sunday!! (not to brag….im just not a morning person)

Sad to say this could be one of my last Helix Reign shows for awhile because…..

I got a second job!!! So that’s pretty B.A.!!!!

Its pretty cool though I will be a key holder kinda like I was when I worked at Stride Rite. Only difference is I will be getting paid $1.50 more compared to when I worked at Stride Rite and $1.30 more than I make now!!

So two jobs: 1 at $7.70 an hour and the other at $9 an hour!! =) Stocked!!!

I start work on 4/20 haha 9am till 6pm!!! 

So I probably won’t update much on here, well I rarely do now I just reblog so…. even less of my original stupid posts hahah

I am hoping to save enough money to be able to attend UNCW in the fall (move out that is) but maybe just maybe if I can’t I can do online classes till I can get down there?!?!? hmmm we shall see!!

well its 9:54am and I have to be at work at 11am…so I am gonna eat and get dressed and such!!

See you all on the flipside!!! 

Posted 2 years ago