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Posted 1 year ago

Proud to say I do this at every show I possibly can :)

Posted 2 years ago

Things I need to do:

Work more: As much as I hate to say that….. I need to work more.. (not that I don’t work enough already)…. I need to save more money… I have a good amount saved up but…. more is always better….

Find a job: By this I mean in North Carolina… if I plan on moving in March or April….I need to figure out how I am going to support myself down there…so if anyone in North Carolina (Wilmington) area are reading this…. any advice on where to look?

Find housing: This is an obvious need…..Its just so hard to find something that doesn’t do a freaking credit check…. or has utilities included… and the ones I have found are available in November… I can’t move in November…. again anyone in the North Carolina (Wilmington) area know of anything please let me know 

Cleaning/Packing:I need to start cleaning up my room and packing what I won’t be needed or things that I want to take and go through things and start pitching things…. I just work enough as it is.. that I don’t have time to do that!! Soon enough though I will start

Make it to the gym more often: I still feel icky.. as of today I have had my membership for a whole week and I have been 3 times…. I need to start incorporating workouts after work throughout the week and before work if its the weekend (or after depending on what time I get off work) I would like to lose a good amount of weight before I move but at this rate I don’t see it happening…. I go to the gym… and skip two days and basically the workout was worthless….Maybe I need to take some supplements or something? Who knows….

Find support: I have a few people who support my decision to move but I wish I had more support… everyone thinks this is all talk… its really not.. so please learn that Ohio will no longer be my home…. I hate it here.. not the people (well my family and friends) others I don’t like so much lol….. 

Posted 2 years ago