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Posted 2 years ago

Helix Reign Rockapalooza

Here is the whole set….

I think the videos might be out of order… sorry for that but still there ya go

Posted 2 years ago

We Made It!!

We are in Jackson, MI =)

The ride wasn’t all that bad… like at all…. =)

The ONE toll was $8 but I mean its all w/e lol =)

Found the hotel…. found the venue… found an old skeleton of the first prison in MI =) (pics to come for sure)

now we are checked into the hotel… upgraded room because of a flood.. so we now have a jacuzzi =) and we are right in front of the pool =)

heading swimming now actually =)!!!

Ahhhhhh just what I needed =) Great friends……=) Great times are to be had for sure =)!!

The sun feels great compared to the inside of 4 walls or my car =)

Talk soon =)  

Posted 2 years ago


My alarm clock was set for 845am….woke up earlier than that and already got showered =)

Going to get ready (dressed, makeup etc) and then head out to besties house and wait for miss caitlin =)

then heading out =) I think the only thing that needs done BEFORE we hit the expressway is check air in the tires… that takes all of 5 secs =) so yay =)!!!

I ghetto fixed my camera so no more breaking my thumb while holding the battery in lol =) 

Memory card is empty….just gotta get my “electronics” bag ready lol (computer, chargers etc)

Whoah lets do this =)!!!!

See you all in Michigan =)

Posted 2 years ago

Rockapalooza set times

Main Stage
10:30am-11am Seeking Seven
11:20pm-11:50am Airsickness
12:10pm-12:40pm Bet Me I’m Lying
1pm-1:30pm Jet City Vega
1:50pm-2:20pm Blackened Earth
2:40pm-3:10pm Nation of Wealth
3:30pm-4pm Sunset Villians
4:20pm-4:50pm Ionia
5:10pm-5:40pm Emphatic
6pm-6:30pm 12 Stones
6:50pm-7:20pm Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
7:40pm-8:15pm We Came As Romans
8:35pm-9:05pm Rehab
9:25pm-9:55pm Saliva
10:15pm-11:30pm Puddle of Mudd

2nd Stage
10:30am-11am Stedic and the Groove
11:20am-11:50am The Elder Beer Men
12:10pm-12:40pm Throwing Gravity
1pm-1:30pm Circus Asylum
1:50pm-2:20pm Fall of Eleven
2:40pm-3:10pm Ballz Deluxe
3:30pm-4pm Cyanide Sunrise
4:20pm-4:50pm Hollow Drive
5:10pm-5:40pm It Lies Within
6pm-6:30pm Riven
6:50pm-7:30pm Rotation
7:50pm-8:20pm Lifeline Revolution
8:35pm-9:05pm Otherwise
9:20pm-9:50pm I See Stars

3rd Stage10:30am-11am Cyk Cylinder
11:20am-11:50am The Get Bye
12:10pm-12:40pm Beyond The Shadows
1pm-1:30pm Barefoot Breakdown
1:50pm-2:20pm Caesar
2:40pm-3:10pm One Dance Left
3:30pm-4pm Thee Unknown
4:20pm-4:50pm Ghosts of August
5:10pm-5:40pm The Scars Heal In Time
6pm-6:30pm Myths and Legends
6:50pm-7:20pm Killjay
7:40pm-8:10pm Breaking Paradox
8:30pm-9pm Bobaflex

4th Stage
10:30am-11am Atlantis Invasion
11:20am-11:50am Violet Void
12:10pm-12:40pm Fire in the Sky
1pm-1:30pm Afroman
1:50pm-2:20pm Shockwave
2:40pm-3:10pm Coolio
3:30pm-4pm Tisk Tisk
4:20pm-4:50pm 10 Gauge Rage
5:10pm-5:40pm I’m William Cutting
6pm-6:30pm Distant Decend
6:50pm-7:20pm DeverauX
7:40pm-8:10pm Dismember the Fallen

Stage 5
10:30-10:55 Silo
11:05-11:30 Summer Soulstice
11:30-11:50 Chuck Lew Ent.
11:50-12:15 Alternant Resonant
12:15-12:35 Angelo
12:35-1:00 Autumn Burning
1:15-1:40 Black Valor
1:55-2:20 The Everyday Losers
2:20-2:40 Jay Mel
2:40-3:05 Know Lyfe
3:05-3:25 Nazareth
3:25-3:50 Last Savior Of God
4:05-4:30 Helix Reign
4:45-5:10 Mind Pulp
5:25-5:50 Erasing Never
5:50-6:10 TrakBlazas
6:10-6:35 Fallen Captive
6:35-6:55 Ice Possible
7:10-7:35 Beat To Quarters
7:35-7:55 KyLyNtae
7:55-8:20 Through The Ashes
8:35-9:00 Downcore

Stage 6
10:30am-11am The Party Foul
11:20am-11:50am Fatal Tattoo
12:10pm-12:40pm Second Season
1pm-1:30pm Nate Zaremba
1:50pm-2:20pm The Tattoo Rebellion
2:40pm-3:10pm Soulsit
3:30pm-4pm Martian Tea Party
4:20pm-4:50pm Underneath It All
5:10pm-5:40pm Mindrought
6pm-630pm Boys of Fall
6:50pm-7:20pm Fear The Fallen
7:40pm-8:10pm Marina City